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FAQ: The Travel Advisor Experience

What is a Travel Advisor? 

A Travel Advisor is the modern term encompassing what you’d traditionally expect from a travel agent, but with the power of modern tools, data, and worldwide networks. 


Are the Travel Agent services really free of charge? 

Yes, most services are at no cost to you **if** you choose to book accommodations at a hotel in the Fora Travel network (4500+ properties globally) and if the total cost of accommodations before taxes is greater than the amount specified in your Client Agreement. 


A little background on how the travel industry works: 

Hotels are all competing for your business, and they have big advertising budgets to get your attention. When a travel agent books a guest at a hotel, the hotel can decrease ad spending and instead compensate the agent through a commission.  In essence, Ask Adventure Travel services to you are free, and the hotel is paying AAT with money they would otherwise have spent on advertising. 


It is in our best interest as an agent to get our clients the most perfect vacation experience possible. Therefore, we spend hours researching properties in each destination and consulting with agents in the Fora network who have recently visited hotels there.


What is the process for working with a Travel Advisor?

1. Overview We’ll start by providing an overview of the services and benefits a travel advisor has to offer. 

  • The intro call / email is free

  • I require a full-refundable booking fee deposit before Planning begins.

2. Planning Next comes the fun part: conjuring up your dream vacation! As a Travel Advisor, I’m kind of like your vacation therapist. I want to hear all your feelings about the trip–hopes and dreams, concerns, and requests. Through a series of phone calls and/or emails, I’ll gather information needed and present 1-3 options for you to evaluate.  We’ll repeat the process as needed until everything feels just right. 

  • If you choose a property that meets the contract requirements, your deposit will be fully refunded. If not, you will owe the remainder of the booking fee. 


3. Booking People have different approaches to booking. Some folks want me to take charge and cover all the details, while other folks want the control of making the booking themselves on their own personal device.  Either way works, but if you agree, I’ll go ahead and book the accommodations on your behalf.  This simplifies the bookkeeping.  Or, you can book on your own and add me as the Agent of Record afterwards. Either way, I’ll send you an organized itinerary for your trip.

4. Vacation When the time comes for your trip, I’ll call the hotel ahead of time to ensure any agreed upon arrangements are in place and special requests taken care of.   I’m a phone call away if you need anything at all. 


What are the Packages and Prices offered?

Check out What We Offer.  We can also send you a copy of the contract to review in advance if that’s helpful. 

Let Ask Adventure Travel take you there!



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